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SOS school event

September 30, 2021

Information about the project was given at the SOS school event, Plovdiv, BG, [...]

“SOS FIRE” Multiplier event

September 29, 2021

Dissemination of the DiversAsia project was made during “SOS FIRE” Multiplier event in Plovdiv, held on 28/09/2021. The event was attended by 42 [...]

Regular sessions with NICER Group

September 24, 2021

Sessions have been held regularly and our projects are highlighted and discussed with a group of adults with disabilities, and people working with them. NTU work with them to [...]

Discussions about the project

August 31, 2021

It was discussed with Director, SPORIC (Sponsored Research and Industrial Consultancy) in the month of August 2021 about the human resources required for the project. It was [...]
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