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Extensive research and compilation of good practices in inclusive education has been launched

In January 2021, researchers from the Pedagogical Research Institute of the University of Latvia, together with partners from 10 other countries, started work on the project “DiversAsia: Embracing diversity in ASIA with the adoption of Inclusive Practices”, which aims to develop digital inclusive education materials and personalize the learning process through artificial intelligence and tailor-made software to facilitate the provision of higher education and inclusive education for students in India and Bangladesh.

Up to now considerable work has been done to collect more than 200 examples of good practice from other higher education institutions around the world, bringing together colleagues from India and Bangladesh their experiences in the field of inclusive education. Later the results will be analyzed and summarized DIVERSASIA manual to help cope with its inclusion, diversity and cultural diversity issues in their higher education institutions.

In parallel, a survey of academic and administrative staff in India and Bangladesh was prepared and launched to find out the current situation and competences of higher education staff in the field of inclusive education in these countries. Data are planned to be obtained by autumn 2021. At the same time, work is continuing on the development of a student questionnaire, as the project partners want to hear and find out the views of students who have come to higher education institutions and face real problems in the context of inclusive education.

Researchers of the Pedagogical Research Institute of the University of Latvia will summarize and analyze the obtained results, as well as present them to the representatives of this project and colleagues in Latvia at the beginning of next year.

The project involves 11 partners from different European and Asian countries – India, Bangladesh, England, Bulgaria, Belgium, Turkey, Latvia.

The University of Latvia is represented in the project by: Prof. Linda Daniela (project manager), Art Rūdolfa (project researcher), Astra Rūdolfa (assistant project manager).

Project No .: 618615-EPP-1-2020-UK-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP.

Project term: from January 15, 2021 to January 14, 2024.

The total amount of funding allocated to the project is EUR 1 00 00 00.00.

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